Sculpt Classes

I currently run a series of Sculpt classes at BOXR Gym Mill Hill North London. 
With over 10 classes a week, I have got you girls covered to work your full body, from legs and abs, to glutes and arms. 

Sculpt Shape

This is the original Sculpt class. It all started here. This class features HIIT style cardio training, combined with resistance bands and kettle bell/medicine ball weights. Great to sculpt the legs and bum from every angle. 

Sculpt Strength

Sculpt Strength is a full hour of weights. Featuring you and a barbell. This class is composed of weighted supersets designed to work the whole body. 

Sculpt Stamina 

Sculpt Stamina requires both strength and endurance. With four back to back minutes of intense battle ropes, boxing, resistance bands and ab work, it is sure push you to your max. 

Sculpt 50/50 

Sculpt 50/50 is a complete split between Sculpt Shape and Sculpt Strength. With half of the class focused on the HIIT and resistance band work of 'Shape', and the other half featuring girl vs. barbell from 'Strength' it has been reviewed as the hardest class yet. 


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