Personal Training Testimonials

Rebecca Arnesen

'I am getting married so have been training with Ciara twice a week in the build up to my wedding. Having Ciara as my PT makes me look forward to training. 
She makes the sessions fun and gets the best out of you, 
always making sure she pushes you to do better and go harder each 
time. She's got a positive and fun attitude which makes the sessions great! 
would highly recommend Ciara to anyone who wants to feel good 
about themselves, and is working towards a goal and needs help 
and guidance
to get there.' 

Sinead Harnett

'Until I started working out with Ciara my motivation 
levels were really low. I'd make excuses and never push 
myself as far as I had the potential to go. She makes 
working out SO MUCH FUN and after every single session 
I feel like I've had a massive result in getting closer to 
my goal.' 

Victoria O'Sullivan

I've been training with Ciara for 8 months now and for 
the first time I finally enjoy working out. 
Before I felt very conscious even entering a gym, 
seeing lots of fit people intimidated me as I didn't have 
a clue what I was doing. Now i'm doing things I never 
thought i'd do, using weights regularly too. She pushes 
me and keeps me motivated and every session is always 
guaranteed fun. I always remember when I met Ciara, 
she said she would get me strong not just physically, 
but mentally too - and I can say she has made a real 
difference to my life in both ways (which I can never 
thank her enough for). I now go to every bootcamp and have
spoken so highly of her to all my friends that they come along too. 
I travel from Surrey to North London but it's worth it 
and I wouldn't want to train with anyone else. 
I highly recommend Ciara.' 

Bikini Body Bootcamp Testimonials

Nicola Bellerby

Had a BRILLIANT weekend and everyone was so
lovely and inspiring! Can't wait to see you all at the
next one, I can't wait!! I feel so sore'

Rianna Powponne

'Had an amazing time with you all! I feel really refreshed 
(although in serious pain) but I'm ready for the next one! 
Hope to see all of you lovely ladies there!'

Roshni Pattni 

'Such a good weekend!! You guys kept me motivated throughout! 
Can't wait for the next one either,
thank you so much Ciara and Lilly,
I will be crawling for the next few days haha'

Katie Goodwin

'Had no idea what to expect as it was my first bootcamp, 
but it exceeded any expectations I had! 
Thanks to all the girls for being so welcoming and friendly'

Gemma Brown

'Seriously good and ironically feels like I've 
had a long weekend of R&R. 
Cannot wait for the next one.'

Siobhan Madden

'It was actually the best bootcamp weekend and
I've been to all of them from the beginning!
A really lovely mix of girls. 
I had fun as per (although my legs are still dead and my hands 
are still shaking)'

Mun-Yee Kong 

'Can't wait for the next one already girls! 
Was such an amazing fun weekend you girls are the dream team! 
Was so nice meeting you all and you all kept the energy up and kept me going!'

Sophie Hardy

'Bootcamp is honestly the best weekend.
The energy is amazing and every time just gets
better and better. Lilly and Ciara put in so much
work and it shows every single time. 
I have been coming since the beginning 
and watching the way you they have listened to 
feedback and adapted classes, dates and times 
to suit us is so so great. Positive vibes,
serious sweat and body burning but worth every
single minute'. 


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