Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Ass Ass Ass Ass Ass

Hey ladies

So I've been a little quiet on the blogging front since January, sorry for that. Life has, as usual, taken over but I cant complain - things are great.

Since we last spoke in January I have joined the Protein World team. Moved to a sick a new gym (BOXR Mill Hill). Launched a new twice a week sculpt class there. Been on too many holidays for my purse to handle...and created an exciting new workout plan to help with global glute takeover for us ladies.

Which leads me on to this post. Booty booty booty.

I train so many girls and 99% of them all are aiming for the same thing. A big old butt. Unfortunately I can only train so many girls, and they all have to be local to north london, so I decided it was time to put pen to paper and come up with a plan that everyone can use, no matter where they are in the world.

I have carefully gone round and round in circles over the last few months trying to narrow down the best possible workouts for you girls to target your legs and glutes... And after putting my poor clients through hours of bum and leg exercises I really think I've finally got it spot on.

My workout plan is 12 weeks and 3 stages. Stage one month 1. Stage 2 month 2. Stage 3 month 3. Simples. Three days a week (in addition to your weekly exercise regime) ...and every month, you have to review the weights and up the reps.

I have included illustrations to make sure the exercises aren't confusing to you all, and a weight guide at the end (although this will differ from girl to girl).

Number one tip - the plan needs to be undertaken in sync with a high protein diet (20g of protein within 20 minutes of your workout). Drop me an email if you're at a loss with this one as I also provide bulk and shred diet plans.

In general I find most girls who come to me want a round bum and a flat stomach, so I decided one day of the workouts should be explosive HIIT training, whilst the other days are free weights and resistance machines.

I recommend to coincide with this plan you do one days cardio (sprints on the treadmill preferably) and lots of ab exercises. One key thing to remember when trying to sculpt your body and gain a juicy bum, is perception. Perception is key.

My body shape naturally was completely straight. As a teenager I was a long distance, cross country runner with pancake tits. I'm also relatively tall so the word 'beanpole' springs to mind. However, over time I have lost weight on my stomach and gained weight on my bottom half (the pancake tits are still there) - those little buggers aside, by building on the bottom and losing on the top, I created the illusion (I guess you could say) of a more curvacious look.... Basically work on your body as a whole and your bottom half will appear even bigger than it is. Lose weight of your stomach, work on your shoulders and legs and butt, and VOILA - an hourglass shape will appear over time.

My 12 week training plan is available from this site (training plan page at the top) for £30 and if you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email to ciaralondonfitness@gmail.com

I will touch base next week as I'm going away again and will have time to sit down on the laptop - but in the meantime, best of luck to you all.

Lots of love



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