Monday, 26 December 2016

Christmas Day Gadgets for Boxing Day Workouts

Hello everyone, happy Christmas, happy Hanukkah, happy St Stephens Day, Happy Boxing Day, happy Monday... whatever you want to call it I hope the past few days have been filled with love and happiness for you.

I've been in wet and rainy Ireland, but i'm loving it believe it or not. It's so refreshing to be around people who are genuinely friendly, cheery, and pleased to see you. London sucks me into the misery of city life sometimes. Over here in Galway, people walk in the pissing rain with no umbrella, no hat and a big old smile on their face.

In fact if you saw my Instagram you would see these same cheery Irish lunatics, all jumped into the cold Irish sea yesterday, smack bang in the middle of Hurricane Barbara (no lie I was soaked just watching)... but they all found it hilarious. There's a spirit over here that just can't be found over in London and it's given me a little time to reflect on my own attitude. After all, if I say the glass is half full, it's half full right? I have my health, my family, my friends, money in my pocket a roof over my head and food in my stomach. I really have 0 to be ungrateful for (plus i'm going Miami in 3 days so basically it's happy times).

So anyways, Christmas has been... Miami is pending... I needed to get my arse in the gym and get working off the gazillion calories I have consumed over the last few days. Thankfully I have a new gadget, new to me probably not to all you techy types, my treasured Fitbit which has made me go 1000000 times harder in the gym since wearing it.

Last week the lovely Ebay did their pre-christmas research and found out that this year tech sales will surpass the £104 billion mark at Christmas, if that sounds mad - imagine it as 116 million techy presents being unwrapped on Christmas day.

For every tech present unwrapped, one person of the household (usually a 40 year old Dad) is designated to spend up to 2 hours of their Christmas day setting up these gadgets.

So Ebay set me the challenge, of being my own Technoel. Being what they consider an independent wo-maann I had to set it up all by myself (something I was quite worried about haha).

I was sent my Fitbit, and as a bit of a tech loser, was pretty proud of myself as I got it all set up within 15 minutes haha.
So today I took myself, my watch and my headphones to my new most favourite gym in the world, Planet Health and Fitness in Galway, aand blasted out a big boy Christmas workout right here on the west coast of Ireland.

Pre-workout I had somehow already burned 300 calories just wandering about from my bed to the breakfast buffet and into the shower. So my post-workout recording of 1543 calories means I burned 1243 calories in this session alone.
I figure some of you might need a little kick up the Christmas arse so heres a full breakdown of my workout.

Boxing Day Workout

Treadmill (to start)- 30 mins - 370 calories
10 mins - Walking on Incline level 15 speed 5kmh (120 calories)
20 mins Sprints - resting pace 5kmh - sprint speed from 10kmh up to 20kmh (250 calories)

Circuit - 300 calories
Squat Jumps 20 x 3
Kettlebell Thrust (24kg kettlebell) 20 x 3
Box Jumps 20 x 3
Sumo Squats w/ 24kg kettlebell 20 x 3
Step Ups w/ Dumbell (10kg) 20 x 3
Step Up to Back Lunge w/ Dumbell 20 x 3

Squat Rack - 50kg Barbell - 350 calories
Narrow Squats 10 x 2
Deep Squats 10 x 2
Sumo Squats 10 x 2
Hip Thrusts 10 x 2
Raised Knee Squats 10 x 2
Pulsing Lunges 10 x 2 each leg
Side to side squat step 10 x 2

TRX - 180 calories
Squat Jumps 20 x 2
In to Out Jumps 20 x 2
Single Leg Pistol Squats 10 x 2 each leg
Arm Extensions 20 x 2
TRX Press Ups 10 x 2

Battle Ropes - 43 calories
30 secs x 2

If I had my way I would have stayed longer and aimed for 1500 calories as a goal, however...a turkey curry buffet and lots of chocolates were waiting at home for me so the workout got cut short.

I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas full of the people you love, give this workout a go when  you feel ready to burn off the Christmas fluff... it really is a killer x



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