Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Why Travelling Is Actually An Investment

Hi Everyone

So it's a Tuesday morning here in LA and I had a spare hour, so thought blogging would be a good use of my time while all you Brits are busy snapchatting snow out the window and feeling pissed off. I had a chat yesterday evening with a couple of my friends back home in London who were feeling super fed up. Long days at work mixed with April showers and boy drama seems to be a common reason for low morale.

It got me thinking. Why do we stay in an environment or situation where we feel trapped and unhappy? Why are we scared to just get away for a bit? More often than not responsibilities, work, money, children maybe, family, friends or partners make us feel like we have to stay put whether we're happy or not..... So I wanted to talk today a little bit about why travelling is so good for the mind, body and soul.

Why it should actually be looked at as an investment rather than a waste of money. I know I'm only a PT I'm not a life guru but to me wellness is definitely not just about the physical state of your body, it's about your mind, your soul, your diet, your heart, everything.... What's a good body if it just covers up bad energy? A troubled mind? A broken heart? Negativity is toxic, and that shit will creep out whether you look good or not.

If you know me then you know I'm a massive fan of holidays. I'm always off somewhere or doing something. This isn't because I'm a baller, I do alright in life... It's more because this is where I choose to spend my money and something I prioritize in my life. Some girls might spend a grand on a pair of shoes, I'd rather spend that on a flight, and wear heels from topshop any day.

I'm a big believer on spending on experiences rather than 'things'. Is a Prada bag gonna make me see the world differently? Are Louboutins going to make me feel happy? Will leasing a new car take away my anxieties? Will a diamond necklace make me sleep easy at night? No. I can't talk for you. But for me, it's a straight no no NO.

Travelling on the other hand for me is so so important. You can meet new people, see how others live their lives, witness beautiful moments that make you savor that exact moment, a moment that makes you feel happy to be alive! You might find inspiration for new ideas, new ideas found only because you have the freedom and spare time to tap into your creative side... and while doing all this, you give yourself a chance to recharge your batteries and prepare to get back to the grind when you return home. If anything it also gives you a chance to miss home. Miss that job you hate but pays your bills. Miss your friends. Miss your partner. All too often in the UK we moan excessively. From monday we wish for Friday, by Sunday we're moaning about Monday again. We moan about our friends to our partners and our partners to our friends. We moan about our job to our colleages and our colleagues to our families. We moan about the weather to anyone who will listen, we moan about the cost of living just as much... All this time we're moaning we're not actually enjoying our life or counting the blessings we do have. If going away makes us appreciate our lives back at home, then surely it can only be a good thing?

Living in London (and the rest of the UK i'm sure) day in and day out can really take its toll on you. Routine is nice to a certain extent and then it gets boring. You work to make money, to spend on your life, but your life revolves around going to work. Some people are lucky enough to do what they love, but I would say 75% of people I know, unfortunately don't enjoy going to work on a day to day basis (sad but true).

So when we really break it down, roughly 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, you spend somewhere you don't want to be. An extra 2-3 hours a day you spend traveling to that place that you don't want to be at (and usually in overpriced and cramped conditions), to do something you don't really enjoy, for
someone you (more often than not) don't really like and doesn't really value you. That's fine. That's
life. That's the way it works. But this is why it's also SO IMPORTANT you take time away from that
and travel before you begin to despise life. Spending your money on a trip is an investment, self-investment. It gives your mind a chance to clear and your body a chance to recharge.

I'm lucky enough that my best friend is out here in LA, which gives me a reason to come here and a nice place to stay. I know most of your probably don't have a best friend in LA. But everyone has family somewhere, most have friends somewhere around the world, and if not there are hostels, air bnb's... Ways to travel affordably.

Before I came here I was working in PR every day from 8am until 4pm... Then after work I would train my clients from 5-10pm. I'd get home, quickly eat dinner at 11, have major anxiety, smoke a spliff (I have to be honest, it's my blog) and go to sleep before the day started again. My weekends, I
worked. My evenings I worked. So I was constantly feeling either exhausted or anxious and it got very boring very fast. I'm hoping some of you reading can relate to this.

As a trainer I need to be able to motivate people, but how can I motivate people when I  don't feel motivated? Money was my motivation but that only takes me so far. A good body also motivated me, but like money, that goal is never ending. You always think your body can be better, in the same way that you will always want more and more money. So in January I thought sod this. I'm getting out of here.

If you know me you know I'm always back and forth to LA.... And the reason I love LA soooooo much is because it's relatable. Let me just sell you this place quickly. First things first you can't beat the Cali weather. It's hotter than Spain nearly all year round, but there's no language barrier. I don't need to learn Spanish or French to fit in. I don't feel isolated by the culture because it's similar to England. We listen to the same music, have the same food spots, can shop in the same shops. Put simply, it's easy to slip into the lifestyle without missing home terribly.

Over here they love their fitness, they have great vegan restaurants, great juice bars, amazing gyms and beautiful places to work out outdoors. That is probably my favorite thing above all else, you can work out in the sunshine... Whether it's hiking at Runyon Canyon or Griffith Park, climbing the stairs at Santa Monica or Culver City, or running around the Rosebowl or along Venice Beach, the list is endless.

Another thing I notice here is the vibe is so much more laid back. It doesn't really matter if you're late, because of LA traffic everyone is late. In London we're always rushing, I run up the tube escalators, I do a run-walk into work, I honk my horn and shout at other drivers, I constantly feel stressed out and pissed off. It might be the weed, it might be the traffic, it might be the sunshine, whatever it is, everyone here is relaxed and it rubs off on me.

Since being here I really do feel like a new person. I feel relaxed, refreshed and ready to go back to London and work my arse off. I feel like I'm a more balanced person, less concerned with trivial crap, full of energy and to be honest, good company for people I'm around. I'm not concerned about men, I'm not concerned about money, I'm not concerned about clients or friend drama. I'm a little bit too concerned about snapchat banter but it's cool, I have no work to distract me from lol. I work out harder. I eat cleaner. I snap less. I smile more. I feel happier.... And it shows.

The reason for me writing this wasn't to sell LA as a destination (that will be my next blog lol). It was to reach out to those of you who might be travelling to work feeling miserable. Stuck in a crap job or an even crappier relationship. Working yourself to the ground and feeling under-appreciated. Burning the candle at both ends and starting to crack under the pressure. I simply want to remind you that there's a big world out there, and we only have one life. There's a lot more than an office job and an idiot boyfriend (or girlfriend). Don't be afraid to book a flight, pack a bag and go explore (even if it's just for a long weekend). Your mind and body will thank you for it.

Ciara x



  1. Love this post and totally agree! Can't wait to see you when you're back xx

  2. You have just touched me. I can completely relate to what you just wrote! Taking care of the mind is essential and enjoying life is the number one reason we are here on this universe. I don't know you but I'm inspired and I'm planning a trip not to run from my problems but to retreat and reflect!! Which sounds like you are! Good on you! X

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