Wednesday, 6 January 2016

New Year New You - How This You Will Stick To Your Fitness Resolutions


I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Year, and are now ready for 2016.... I most definitely am. I haven't written a post in a while as I've had lots going on in my life, but now i'm here focussed and ready for 2016.

I actually spent New Years Eve playing driver to the squad, so it was one drink and a very sober night which was well needed. For once I feel like I went into the new year clear headed and ready for the start of a fresh chapter. Some things left in 2015, but loads to look forward to in 2016.

Being non-hungover come January 1st I actually sat writing in my new diary and putting all my goals down, so they're now there forever, not so easy to avoid as when they are just floating ideas around my head.

Because of this today seems like a good time to talk about resolutions. After speaking with several people it seems like 80% of us have resolutions tied in to fitness and bettering ourselves and our bodies this year. These goals vary, they might be to lose weight, tone up, build muscle, it could be to eat healthier or run a marathon. The sad thing is, according to Forbes 'just 8% of people achieve their new years resolutions'

Two years ago I made a new years resolution to go to the gym three times a week and stick to it. I stuck to it. Three times a week turned to four. Four turned to five. Five turned to six.. and by that point I basically lived in the gym, so I decided to become a personal trainer and start making money out of being in the gym every bloody day.

Before that resolution I had always gone to the gym and taken part in exercise. But I was a fake gymmer. I was doing maintenance, rather than improvement. I was one of those twice a weekers, telling myself I was doing more than I actually was, justifying the pizza I was about to order on the crap workout I'd done three days before. I was never a fatty, nor was I skinny but I was a bit of a nothing. I went gym to feel like I was doing something, but really I wasn't doing much at all. I ate an average diet and didn't care too much about good fats or bad fats or good carbs or bad carbs. This isnt something we naturally care about, but really it's something we should. We should care about what's going into our bodies. 'Your body is a temple' might sound a bit cliché but really it's so true, the problem is we only appreciate the importance of health when we're unwell.

My thinking changed, and then my life changed, and this was all off the back of a new years resolution. If I can do it, I want to help encourage you to be in that 8% with me.

The reason I think people fail with their new year health kick is - they don't enjoy it. They join a gym but don't like going to the gym. They go for a run but hate running. Their healthy diet includes salad and ryvita. They often give up drinking on top of this as an effort to partake in dry January. Furthermore, this is the one month of the year where most people are broke. So let's summarise, you have no money, you have no alcohol, your food tastes like cardboard, and you're spending your evenings running around the block in the rain. If I was doing all that I would be miserable too. Two weeks in I'd say sod this and sit back down on the sofa before crying into a Domino's.

So what's my advice?
  • You need to establish a healthy lifestyle change that WORKS FOR YOU and is REALISTIC. 
  • Don't give everything up at once, take one thing at a time so that you still feel like you are enjoying your life. 
  • Figure out what sort of exercise you LIKE. If you don't like running don't run. Try yoga. Try spinning. Try weight training. 
  • If you don't feel you can motivate yourself, join classes, there's plenty running for free in every gym. Or if you're not too broke from Christmas book a bootcamp (cough cough), book a personal trainer (cough cough) sign up to a course of classes and pay for it so there's no going back - once your money is invested you WILL follow through. 
  • Look into healthy eating recipes that work for YOU. Just because it's healthy doesn't mean it has to taste like cardboard, stir fry's are a great example of yummy quick healthy meals. 
  • Make your meals at home, don't grab lunch on the go - and use seasoning so it tastes good not bland. 
  • Eat a big bowl of porridge for breakfast and DON'T ALLOW yourself to snack until lunch. That way when you eat your home-cooked-healthy-meal it's going to taste delicious because you will be hungry for it. If you snack at 11am by 1pm you won't be starving, therefore you'll be thinking hmmm what do I fancy eating, rather than running to your tupperware box with love heart eyes because you're actually hungry. 
  • Write it down. Once it's written it's easier to keep your mind focussed on your goals and more difficult to backtrack. 
  • Tell people your resolution - it will be easier to stick to it once people know. Nobody wants to look like a failure. 

Don't make this just a one month resolution, make it a lifestyle change and believe in yourself. Say to yourself this year in 2016 I am changing my life, I am going to drop this extra weight, I am going to build me the bum I want, I am going to have a flat stomach by summer, I am going to get rid of my love handles by June or July. Envisage it, believe in yourself, make small changes to your life to make room for your new lifestyle and it will all fall into place.

One of my clients who just started with me has brought herself a leather skirt that she is determined to fit into by March. Another of my clients is getting married, and her wedding dress is a size down from her current size so that she ensures she has to do the work to get the body she wants.

Be like them, set a goal, be determined, stay hungry, stay consistent and by summer you really will thank yourself for it. This is the first chapter of 2016, let's all make it a good one and get to where we want to be.

Ciara x


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